We offer a range of services to suit your needs these include following:

One of our primary services is to offer a simple report outlining the problems faced by the home owner.  This includes formal identification of knotweed and other non native invasive plant species.

We will provide full Mortgage Reports to support clients who may be finding it difficult to secure lending offers as a result of knotweed growing within 7 metres of their property.

Offering expert monitoring for up to five years to ensure full clearance with the option to include further guarantees on completion of the treatment phase if required.

Detailed reports including a risk assessment of any issues caused by invasive species surrounding the property/land and suggested actions if required.

We can support liaison with adjacent land owners for coordinated treatment plans.  This can be essential in ensuring eradication.

Our site survey, treatment and control plans are fully comprenhensive.  We also offer full strategy planning.

A comprehensive treatment application selected from a range or treatment options.


If you do not see the service you need, you are welcome to contact us and ask for further details.