Case Study 1 - Field Location in Llanelli

An average programme of treatment lasts for 3 years followed by 2 years of monitoring for no regrowth. If you are wondering therefore, how quickly a client should expect to see progress, here is an example of some of our work. This is a field in Llanelli, used during the year for horse grazing.
Our first visit to site
When we took on the work there was a large area in the corner of the field with well-established Japanese Knotweed, whilst actual figures are not available, this knotweed had been there for a number of years.

With large infestations like this it is hard to know exactly what we might find when we get to the middle of the patch, there is usually fly tipping and the associated risks these pose. When we finally made it into the depths of the growth we found crowns growing up to 1 metre out of the ground

From the winter clearance.
We completed an early treatment on site in May 2016 to allow us the opportunity to return at the end of the summer once the remaining plants had flowered and complete a second treatment. Autumn is a great time to apply a herbicide treatment as this is when the plant is storing nutrients and will therefore take in the chemical deep into the rhizome below ground.

On sites like this, with significant growth, we always try to complete a winter clearance visit. This has several purposes, firstly to allow us to highlight any risks within the growth, obstacles, holes and making it safer for us when we are on site. Secondly, the dead canes can stand for up to 3 years so they make it more difficult to access new growth and can make the growth look worse than it actually is. Clearance gives us a great view of the site as a whole before regrowth begins late spring.

We returned to the site in May 2017
We returned to the site in May 2017 for a monitoring/treatment visit and just one year into treatment it has been unnecessary to complete any early herbicide application. The difference a year makes really is impressive. We have left the site for the summer to allow as much growth as possible to take place and will complete another late summer treatment so that the plants will take the chemical nice and deep into the rhizomes again.
Our first visit to site presented well established Japanese Knotweed.

A large corner of this field was completely lost. This project had some really dense growth for us to tackle.

We visited twice over the summer to apply a herbicide spray treatment and really hit the plant hard.

Our July visit shows quite a difference as we reclaim this corner of Llanelli.

Our October visit presented us with some pretty sick looking Knotweed.

Case Study 2 - Residential Property in Carmarthen

Sometimes we attend properties with a sad story behind them. In this scenario, a very overgrown garden of an elderly lady in Carmarthenshire who had sadly passed away following a period of ill health. This information is relevant because on inspection of the garden it became clear that this was previously a well-loved, well-kept garden but due to poor health a range of invasive species had quickly taken over the entire space leaving no access and in the case of the kitchen robbed the owner of any natural light.

If you have elderly family or friends who are finding themselves in such a position, please let us know as it is possible that treatment can make a difference quickly so that the resident can continue to enjoy the outdoors and garden space.

Our first visit to site
We have applied our standard programme to this property with treatment planned for 3 years followed by 2 years of monitoring for no regrowth. Look at the difference a year makes in this case.
We returned to the site in July 2017
We always encourage clients to avoid taking any action in the area of infestation, whilst we are treating there are some better landscaping solutions that can be put in place if the client is insistent that they want to do something. In this scenario, the client has planted seeds for a lawn. Regular mowing is likely to cause some challenges with the treatment plan and we are working closely with the client to monitor this.
Our first visit to site

August 2016 and we completed a combination of spray and injection treatment.

Our October visit presented us with some pretty sick looking Knotweed.

Just one year after our first visit to site the results speak for themselves.

“What a fantastic and professional company. Knotweed discovered on rough land opposite my garage in March Which halted my mortgage application, anita and Phil were so supportive through an extremely stressful time and because of their services I have now been able to sort the mortgage finally, can’t thank them or recommend them enough.”

Michelle Anne Evans

“Put an elderly friend in touch with Anita and her team regarding the garden at their property. It was the dreaded knotweed, Anita’s knowledge and the ability to calm an elderly person and assure them things will be ok was incredible. To an elderly person this was everything but after the treatment it’s now sorted. Thanks a million Anita, I can see why you have won an award in Carmarthenshire. Keep up the good work.”

Andrew John

“After almost pulling all my hair out and worrying about that dreaded knotweed on my property I gave Anita a call and she took all the stress out of the situation and got the problem treated and dealt with for me. Can’t recommend her enough.”

Mathew Jones

“We had suspect knotweed on our land, Anita came to have a look and was very knowledgeable and informative. Thankfully we did not have knotweed but will defiantly be using the team in the future if needed.”
Tom Banfield