Japanese Knotweed Site Inspection

To ensure you receive the best possible service and are offered the most appropriate solution we complete a site inspection. This allows us to discuss your plans for any land with Knotweed present, look at the implications of the Knotweed presence for you and neighbours and offer a range of treatment options and prices.

Full Knotweed Management Plan

A 5 or 10-year plan following the PCA and Environment agency guidelines our KMP provides a comprehensive report of the location of all Knotweed, the method and timings of treatment for the duration of the plan and identifies the risk level to the property. This includes an annotated map and photographs. In addition to our own guarantee we also offer Insurance Backed Guarantees of 5 and 10 years for those clients who require it.

Our reports are accepted by most mortgage providers to allow for lending to proceed on property whilst treatment continues.

Herbicide Treatment

In many cases the most appropriate and cost effective treatment method is the application of herbicide. We use glyphosate in most cases and apply at regular intervals during the growing season, usually over a 3 year period. We can apply the chemical by spray, injection or leaf wiping. Injection and leaf wiping are particularly useful when there is water or other plant and tree species nearby that we want to preserve.

Clerk of Works Service

For our larger clients who have plant and resources on-site already our Clerk of Works Service ensures remediation works to remove or relocate Japanese Knotweed are completed following best practice and in compliance with relevant legislation.

Other Knotweed Services

We offer a full range of Knotweed assessment, removal and treatment services. We are fully PCA Compliant. If you’d like to discuss your needs on your home, business property or commercial land.

Exploratory Digs

If you are excavating in areas where Japanese Knotweed has been present previously, even if it has been treated and no growth has been seen for some time, an exploratory dig, prior to beginning the project, is useful to identify if any viable rhizome remains underground. This allows us to outline the extent of any remaining Knotweed below ground and suggest appropriate action.

Knotweed Removal Bags

Japanese Knotweed is classified as a controlled waste product, it is illegal to remove it from your garden or land without the appropriate licence and must be taken to specific sites for disposal. These sites often have minimum weight requirements so for a small garden or area of Knotweed it can be difficult. We can make arrangements for Knotweed Removal bags to be delivered to your property filled with the appropriate contaminated waste and removed for you.

Full Excavation Services

In cases where the immediate removal of Knotweed is appropriate we can offer you access to a range of excavation services to suit your project. The options are wide ranging and site specific and can be discussed in more detail following our site inspection.