PCA Approved

We keep informed and updated on the development of Japanese Knotweed and other Invasive Species. Maintaining standards is vital to us, and our membership requires specified criteria to meet and maintain.

What is the PCA

A Trade Association is a not-for-profit organisation made up of companies and individuals with common interests to work in the same industry.

The PCA is at the heart of our industry. They present the collective position of its members by speaking to governments, agencies, regulators, the media, and other opinion formers.


Our PCA Certification can be viewed here

What does it mean for you, the consumer?

Peace of mind

The PCA requires companies to maintain robust membership criteria that cover professional qualifications, service delivery, and financial stability. All PCA members are audited regularly to ensure standards are being met.

Advice and assistance

The PCA lets you raise technical complaints against its members, and through mediation, solutions can be found for both parties.


Professional service

PCA membership requires us to make financial commitments and undergo professional training to meet minimum standards. Membership represents our conscious decision to prove our professionalism.

What does it mean for us as members?

A champion of the industry, the PCA offers a wealth of support to our business. Increasingly, banks, building societies, and local authorities require treatment to be undertaken by a member of the Property Care Association. This ensures the quality of treatment is at an appropriate standard.

Technical support and knowledge

The PCA provides members with products and services that include:

  • Training
  • Educational materials
  • Technical advice
  • Conferences
  • Networking
  • Publications
  • Notifications of updates for industry standards

This ensures that we are up to date with all developments in the field to deliver the best support for you.


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