Japanese Knotweed Site Inspection

To ensure you receive the best possible service and are offered the most appropriate solution we complete a site inspection. This allows us to discuss your plans for any land with Knotweed present, look at the implications of the Knotweed presence for you and neighbours and explain the most appropriate course of action.

We can complete the visit without you being present however clients benefit from being in attendance as it enables them to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the treatment options available and the implications.  

We do not buy into the scare stories and tactics that other websites, contractors and the media might adopt.  Japanese Knotweed is a plant, it will make it more difficult to gain lending on your property however dealt with by an apporpraitely qualified specialist it really is just a plant.  Our comprehensive treatment plans ensure that the plant is controlled effectively and that you can obtain the necesary documentation and insurance to enable you to buy, sell and obtain lending against the property.