Commercial Services

We are proud to work with a range of commercial clients providing a variety of treatment and Knotweed control methods. Whether you need to ensure that the grounds surrounding your buildings are clear from Knotweed, or safeguard against any Knotweed on your land encroaching onto neighbouring land, we can help. If you require Knotweed support as part of your build project, we will work with you to provide a tailored Knotweed solution.

Our Property Partners

We currently work with a wide range of property partners and commercial clients, providing a variety of Knotweed control and removal methods for business and home owners across Wales.

Commercial Japanese Knotweed Removal

There are strict laws around the removal of Knotweed in the UK. If you are found to be disposing or spreading the infestation of Knotweed you could be fined and prosecuted. You may also be libel for damage costs if the plant affects other businesses too. That’s why it’s essential to act fast and get an appropriate treatment plan in place on all commercial properties.

If during a building project, renovation or land clearance, you suspect that you have unearthed Japanese Knotweed, then there are legal and financial issues that you need to consider. Early action to treat the area is vital if you are to avoid excessive remediation costs, possible structural damage to buildings and services or claims for compensation.

If Knotweed is found growing adjacent to built structures such as walls and buildings, the roots could damage foundations or indeed the entire structure, exploiting cracks and weaknesses, as the Knotweed root system grows. Pressure from the growing roots could seriously damage buildings along weak points in the structure.

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Knotweed Assessment

Step 1 - The Assessment

Once we have confirmed that the plant you’re dealing with is definitely Knotweed, we will attend site and provide you with a range of options. Check our identification page to be sure.

Step 2 - The Treatment

The treatment and management solutions we provide depend entirely on your needs and the plans for the land with the infestation, so call us today and we will provide you with all the information you require.

Step 3 - Our Service

Philip has completed the PCA Control and Eradication of Japanese Knotweed Training and is a Certified Surveyor in Japanese Knotweed. He also holds a NEBOSH General Certificate.

Commercial Questions

Finding Knotweed on a commercial plot of land can be a massive issue. The Knotweed plant or ground containing any part of the plant is classed as controlled waste, so removing the plant yourself is just simply not an option.

Removing Knotweed from any site is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Japanese Knotweed is an invasive weed and the roots extend deep into the ground and can re-emerge many years later. If left to grow and spread it has the potential to cause damage to surrounding buildings.

As Knotweed Support Specialists, we provide a professional service with a no nonsense approach to the treatment of Japanese Knotweed. Get in touch with us to discuss a site assessment. If we do find Knotweed on your site, we will always offer a custom management plan for you and work closely with you to take control of the plant.


What kind of commercial clients do you work with?

We are proud to work with a wide range of commercial clients, including; building contractors, property companies, estate agents, legal teams and small business owners too. We provide a variety of treatment and Knotweed control methods. Whether you need to ensure that the grounds surrounding your business buildings are clear from Knotweed, or safeguard against any Knotweed on your land encroaching onto neighbouring land, we can help.



How long does Knotweed treatment take?

Depending on the condition of the Knotweed when treatment starts it can take up to 3 years to take control of a Knotweed infestation. After 3 years of treatment we look to monitor the site for at least a further 2 years to ensure that there is no regrowth. These visits take place at the end of the growing season from September onwards to ensure that the Knotweed has had every opportunity to show itself. Following 2 years of no regrowth a certificate of completion is issued and our guarantee begins.




Are your treatment procedures environmentally friendly?

Whilst we use chemicals in most cases to treat and remove the Japanese Knotweed we follow strict guidelines on the quantities and dilution of chemical used. We never use chemical treatment for cosmetic purposes it is always with an aim to remove the Knotweed problem and protect property. Chemicals used do not remain in the soil for prolonged periods of time.
We do not spray unless the weather conditions are appropriate, so that chemical use is kept to a minimum and wash off into the soil and watercourses is minimised wherever possible.

“What a fantastic and professional company. Knotweed discovered on rough land opposite my garage in March which halted my mortgage application. Anita and Phil were so supportive through an extremely stressful time and because of their services I have now been able to sort the mortgage finally, I can’t thank them or recommend them enough.”

Michelle Anne Evans

“After almost pulling all my hair out and worrying about that dreaded knotweed on my property I gave Anita a call and she took all the stress out of the situation and got the problem treated and dealt with for me. Can’t recommend her enough.”

Mathew Jones

“Put an elderly friend in touch with Anita and her team regarding the garden at their property. It was the dreaded knotweed, Anita’s knowledge and the ability to calm an elderly person and assure them things will be ok was incredible. To an elderly person this was everything but after the treatment it’s now sorted. Thanks a million Anita, I can see why you have won an award in Carmarthenshire. Keep up the good work.”

Andrew John

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